Social Media Services


Social Media Service Became a Compulsory Need of Companies!

Social media is a digital structure that allows individuals to share unilaterally or simultaneously and communicate with each other. With the development of the digital world, individuals spend most of their daily lives on social platforms. Some of them earn income from the fascinating world of social media. Social media has become a medicine for individuals to relieve their daily fatigue or reduce their stress over time.

With the development of technology and social media, companies have started to gain profit by taking advantage of this power. While all users spend their time in the digital world, they can also shop on social media and examine the services of companies.
In this direction, we are convinced that the hand, arm and foot of individuals using social media are completely digital world.

Why Should You Get Social Media Service?

Today, according to academic data, 78 per cent of Turkey’s population uses the internet. 83% of these internet users use social media platforms. According to the researches, the accounts established on social media platforms are half and half commercial accounts. Users have developed a method of reaching customers that they cannot reach by creating commercial accounts for their companies or their professions. When we check commercial accounts, we can observe that they are not useful enough in terms of product sales, advertising and promotion. At this point, we would like to state that companies receive support from companies that provide social media consultancy services in order to increase their earnings and reach more customers on the way to becoming a brand.

Our Working Principle in Social Media Services

Sector Analysis

We analyse your competitors in the same sector for the success of your company.

Market Research

We analyse the customer base of your business sector and the requirements of your customers.


We plan a correct strategy with all the data we collect.


We act in accordance with our planning and strategy for the service you have requested.

Sizlere Sunduğumuz Hizmetlerimiz

Social Media Management

We improve your company's presence in social media channels and manage your accounts according to the directives we receive from you. In line with the analyses, we share unique designs and content for your audience during the peak hours of traffic based on planning and sector research. You can spend time with your customers while we do all the social media management of your company.

Social Media Consultancy

If you have opened your company's accounts in social media applications but do not know how to use them, this service is for you. In our Social Media Consultancy service, we teach you the tricks of the best use with our professional staff, regardless of the application, and provide training on strategy.

Internet Advertising in Social Media

We are sure that in social media applications, we know that from time to time you say ‘These are listening to us, whatever we talk about is advertised’. The reason for this is the personalised advertising module on the devices we use. Our Social Media Internet Advertising service publishes your company's campaign, promotion and sales-oriented advertisements and brings them together with the right audience.

Account Setup Service

When we say social media applications, popular applications such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook come to mind first. However, if you want to take your place in the digital world, apart from these applications, we set up your account in 20+ applications for you and make settings for you to be found in search engines and applications.

Professionalism in Social Media Services is the Most Important Factor!

You can call us at any time in our communication preferences or contact our 24/7 support line.