Location Management

What is Location Management?

Our location management service is to record the contact information of businesses in search engines and social media applications and to show customers. You can benefit from our location management service in the establishment of a company or in improving the contact information of an existing company. Location registration contains many features such as phone number, e-mail address, business category, photos, working hours, working hours and even many features that you can market your products by people looking for your business on many platforms such as google, yandex, meta, which are the most popular today.

Why Should I Get Location Management Service?

– Making it easier for your business to be found by all customers and appearing at the top of the search engine with keywords related to your industry will both increase the prestige of your business and increase your reliability in terms of customers.

– Social media users use the location feature very often

– Frequent use of navigation by vehicle owners to their destinations

– Use of contact options to make your business appear in direct searches or keywords

– If you are selling in your business, showing your products with prices in applications such as google shopping with location management

– Users trust the companies with location entries according to the evaluations and comments of other users

Location Management Services

Location Entry

We provide location entries of your business in 30+ different media and show them to users.

Ownership of Existing Location

If the location of your business has been created before and does not belong to you, we realise its ownership.

Troubleshooting Location Problems

When you provide location entry, we solve all problems such as the problem of your company appearing, appearing as a copy, appearing in the wrong place or not being approved.

Location Personalisation

If you have a location entry but cannot complete the missing information and cannot advertise through ads, this service is for you.

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