Graphic Design

What is Graphic Design?

Graphic Design is a communication method that combines imagination with technology. We can reflect the idea by using visual elements to explain a subject or a message. These elements should be selected in accordance with the message to be given. When it comes to Graphic Design, many tools and equipment that we see in our daily lives come to mind. Some of them are posters, brochures, brochures, business cards, special works and even colourful writings on the wall. In short, graphic design is to put emotion, thought and imagination into a certain form.

What is the general purpose of graphic design?

The marginal, special, innovative and interesting visual designed for the owned or desired target audience is to take place in the memories and the message to be given is perceived in the first place. In this way, the target audience will have positive effects on the minds of the target audience and will ensure that it is the first company that comes to mind in case of need. Both content and visual are important in graphic design, but visual is more prominent. It should use the visuals to be used by making a difference while working in a way that shows its difference. Of course, while working, it should be done for the right target audience within the field of ethical rules. Within the field of Graphic Design; logo, print, poster, moving screen, book, magazine, business card and similar works are designed as digital or non-digital and then sent to printing. In short, for the product to be released, visual design will be one of the biggest steps for the realisation of the desired dreams.

The integrity of emotion and thought existing in the world of imagination has come together with technology and gained visuality with certain programmes. With various computer programmes, the imagined element has been concretised while it is abstract by gaining visuality. It can be visualised with many programmes such as Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator.
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